Monty & Me Adult Dog Food


The Monty & Me Adult Dog Food’s satisfyingly delicious and crunchy kibble, contains optimum levels of protein, anti-oxidants, natural prebiotic fibres and Omega 6, everything a dog needs for a strong immune system, regular digestion, a shiny coat and a winning smile!

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Monty & Me Adult Dog Food

Safe, sound & fit as a fiddle! Monty & Me is jam-packed with anti-oxidants for immune support, perfect for keeping doggy immune systems healthy and strong!
Ear to ear, & nose to toes! Optimum protein and fat levels help keep Monty strong, healthy and in tip-top condition!
Happy tummy, happy dog! We’ve added natural prebiotic fibre, sourced from wheat bran, to help your pal’s digestive system stay happy and healthy!
Hello Gorgeous! Monty always looks ready for show-day (even if you’re just going for a stroll in the park), thanks to added Omega 6 oil ensuring healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat!
Say Cheese! Monty & Me’s crunchy kibbles assist in fighting plaque and tartar, “brushing” teeth to keep them clean and healthy for a winning smile!

meat & animal derivatives
vegetable protein extracts
derivatives of vegetable origin
fats & oils
vitamins and approved anti-oxidants. May contain GMOs

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