About Us



Sentient Beings is all about my search to honour, cherish and celebrate my pets and the pets of this world that enlighten our existence every single day. This is to thank them and recognise their magnificence and unfathomable effect on our lives. Ben is one of my Sentient Beings who put me on this path. Most of the products here I searched and searched for – for him. To help him, encourage him and nurture his spirit during his recovery.

Here you will find only products, news and information to enrich the lives of your pets and those less fortunate than ours.

Sentient Beings is based on a fundraising initiative which means every quarter a few charities will get nominated and for every purchase Sentient Beings will donate a percentage of sales to the nominated charity and patrons can donate too! The charities need only send some information and fill in the contact us form.

This is a year round initiative, there is no “special time/season/holiday” in an animals’ life to be celebrated, and every day is the perfect opportunity to show you care. For all the shelter animals we will donate the funds to their charities so they can improve their facilities and services for these animals. By pooling funds together we can and WILL make a positive difference to their lives.

We would all love to give these homeless animals’ toys and treats but most are in fact in need of medication, food and basic necessities that the shelters provide while they find their forever homes. Let’s make their lives better by celebrating our animals.

Every product has been tried and loved by my own animals and Sentient Beings would not be possible without them.

These products are sourced from like-minded companies that respect animals and the environment so you can rest assured your purchase is money well spent.

Sentient Beings is my passion, my animals have taught me so much about love, life and benevolence and I am blessed to share my life with them and my only wish is to enrich their lives half as much as they do mine and to help in any way I can.

Its’ time to celebrate, cherish and adore our pets and support the less fortunate all in one action. That’s what Sentient Beings is all about. By your pet benefiting so many others do too.