Polar-Products are the best cooling products available. They are the proven line of personal and canine cooling products, and have withstood over 20 years of demanding field tests in extreme weather and professional situations. These unique personal coolers are fully guaranteed for both quality and performance. Made in the USA with top-quality materials, Polar-Products provide an affordable, simple and effective solution to heat stress!

The specialized ingredients in Polar-Products stay cold up to 24 hours with no need for ice or refrigeration! Unlike phase change coolers or iced or frozen packets, Polar-Products maintain a steady cool temperature all day! Soak once in the morning for a full day of immediate relief from the dangers of various disorders related to heat stress, including headaches, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Unlike similar looking products with ingredients intended for agricultural planting or disposable diapers, Polar Products do not readily absorb perspiration or other body toxins so they do not tend to grow mould or mildew. Many companies have tried to copy these unique personal coolers, but most of the look-a-like products simply do not work as advertised!



Many other types of personal coolers only stay cool for a few hours – or until the ice melts. Polar Products maintain their cooling power for a full 24 hours without any need for ice or refrigeration!
Polar Products are made using top quality material that has been double-stitched for durability. Our Quality Control Checkpoints insure that only the finest possible product is offered to the customer.
We guarantee optimum performance of all Polar Products personal cooling devices. If you are not completely satisfied, then we’re not doing our job.


Back in 1992 very few people had heard of these products.
Today an Internet search turns up hundreds of similar looking
items, with each claiming to be the best. We believe that the
real proof of any cooling product is on a hot job on a hot day.
REMEMBER: For 20 years now – Only Polar-Products actually perform like Polar-Products!
The proof is in the wearing!